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How to Actively Support the Change in Mindset

We like the five McKinsey questions that challenge leaders to actively support the change in mindset and culture needed to attract more women to senior levels.  1. Where are the women in the talent pipeline? Know where [...]Read more

How do you Measure the Success of Professional Development Programmes?

According to analysis published by McKinsey, CEOs frequently cite leadership development as one of their top human capital priorities although only 7% of senior managers in the UK think that their company develops global leaders [...]Read more

Female Representation in the Financial Service Sector

The most senior woman in the US navy is Admiral Michelle Howard who was the keynote speaker at a global banking conference hosted by Sibos in Boston, USA, in September 2014. Being second in command […]

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The Influence of Gender in the Year-End Appraisal

In Fortune magazine this month, we read both interesting and shocking research about the influence of gender in the year-end appraisal. Comparing the frequency of positive and negative feedback in appraisals they found that 71% […]

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Challenge Myths about Female Leaders

KPMG recently published its ‘Cracking the Code’ paper which challenges many of the myths around female leaders. Women are twice as likely as men to find having a sponsor very helpful (39% vs 22%) and […]

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