We offer a portfolio of modules that can be delivered stand-alone or integrated with your existing professional development programmes.

  • Our modules focus on strengthening the capability of male and female mentors / sponsors as well as professional development of high potential employees.
  • Success with both these groups gives you a powerful combination of inspiring role-model leaders coupled with a highly motivated, ambitious and well-connected team of future leaders.
  • Success gives you diversity in leadership.

Some of our more popular modules

Mentors / Sponsors

  • Mentor supervision
  • Shadow coaching
  • Credible role-models


Future Senior Leaders

  • Power and influence
  • Leadership presence
  • Building confidence



  • Focus groups
  • Diversity in the year-end process
  • Managing Diverse Teams


For a more  comprehensive approach we have a core programme that delivers sustainable results using a combination of workshops, coaching and facilitation across your organisation.

Core Programme

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Full Product Offerings