How do you Measure the Success of Professional Development Programmes?

According to analysis published by McKinsey, CEOs frequently cite leadership development as one of their top human capital priorities although only 7% of senior managers in the UK think that their company develops global leaders effectively. Moreover, around 30% of US based companies believe that they have failed to exploit international business opportunities because of a lack of leaders with the right capabilities.

The analysis emphasised the need to develop stronger and more capable leaders and studied why initiatives often fail. It cites four common mistakes that are overlooked when designing and delivering professional development programmes: underestimating mind-sets, misalignment of the context, decoupling the training from real work, and failing to measure results. If you can avoid these, you can save time, money and boost morale.

Coaching and mentoring can be invaluable interventions, implicitly addressing these four potential pitfalls – they work with the individual on real time issues and challenges, and because of the intimate nature, there is no hiding from a fixed mind-set and unconscious bias. Measuring the success of coaching and mentoring? Put forward your best people and watch them fast-track to promotion and senior leadership positions.