How to Actively Support the Change in Mindset

We like the five McKinsey questions that challenge leaders to actively support the change in mindset and culture needed to attract more women to senior levels. 

1. Where are the women in the talent pipeline? Know where your high potential women are in the workforce and put a specific plan in place for their path to senior leadership.

2. What skills are we helping women build? The research shows that the most important attributes of successful women are resilience, grit and determination. Support women through challenging times to learn and build these skills.

3. Do we provide sponsors along with role models? All senior leaders have a responsibility to sponsor/mentor high potential talent; the best sponsors/mentors are the role models – women role models motivate women to aspire lead.

4. Are we rooting out unconscious bias? Broadcast unconscious bias training raises awareness but behavioural change comes from 1:1 coaching. This is particularly effective for women to challenge their limiting beliefs.

5. How much are our policies helping? Flexible policies around working hours and practices are still the priority as women continue to manage challenging work and home lives.